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Welcome to all fellow badminton players to www.badminton-tourney.info

This site has been set up to help you register for badminton tournaments happening in the Pennsylvania region. Please follow the instructions below to register for a tournament.

- First time users need to register. Please keep your username (your email id) and password safe. You can use this to register for other tournaments that are put up on this site. No need to enter your information multiple times.

- Once you register, hit the register tournament link (highlighted in blue) here you have a drop down where you can select the tournament you want to register for.

- Once you select the tournament the events for the tournament will be displayed. Please select the events you are interested in and hit save.

- All the waivers are listed out in the tournament details page available as a link above the save button. Please read those carefully before hitting save.

- If you have selected a doubles event the next page will enable you to select your partner for the event if he or she is not registered for the event. If not please select ‘Not Registered’ and ask your partner to select you. If you remain not registered at the close of registration every effort will be made to pair you up with somebody (a pick up partner)

Tournaments available for registrations now are ...


No Tournaments Available
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